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Power Dividers
- Frequencies from DC to 20 GHz
- Dividers from 2-Way to N-Way
- Narrow Bands to Multi-Decade Bands
- Lumped or Distributed Element Construction
- Low Loss, Low VSWR
- Small, Compact Packages

MCC offers a wide selection of dividers / combiners covering frequencies from DC to 20 GHz, from narrow bands to multi decade bandwidths, low signals to high powers, 2-way split to n-way, and many other custom made options to fit your application.  Many dividers are available with popular standard connectors (SMA, BNC, and N Type).

UMCC's low frequency dividers (10 KHz to about 3 GHz) are of lumped-element construction, where ferrite elements are used in divider circuitry.  UMCC low frequency dividers cover mainly wide bands of two to three decades.

UMCC's high frequency dividers (0.5 to 18 GHz) are of distributed-element construction. Microstrip or stripline transmission lines are etched on a Teflon base substrate providing impedance transformation and splitting function to make the power division and summation possible.  UMCC high frequency dividers are offered from narrow bands of one octave to multi octave bandwidths.

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