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Solid-State Variable Attenuators
- Frequencies from 10MHz to 20GHz
- Octave bands to multi-octave bands
- Current,  Voltage, or Digital Controlled
- High accuracy linearized response curves
- Fast settling time, low jitter, Low distortion
- Temperature compensation, Internal voltage regulation

UMCC offers a wide selection of pin-diode variable attenuators covering frequencies from 10 MHz to 20GHz. Standard UMCC attenuators are equipped with a linearizer-driver circuitry for attenuation control setting. Control signal is via a voltage or a digital word.  Attenuators are also available without a driver where control would be via a forward current or a  voltage.

Linearized attenuators are equipped with an advance linearizer-driver circuitry.  All control circuits do come with features such as temperature compensation circuitry, regulated supply voltages, and reverse voltage protection.  Linearized attenuators can be custom built with a variety of controlling options. Options such as shallower or steeper attenuation slope function, a negative slope function, high resolution D/A converter for fine attenuation step control, and etc.

Product Search / Inventory
   Narrow-Band Variable Attenuators (160MHz - 18GHz in Ranges)
    Standard Band (BW~67%), 60dB Range, (250MHz - 18GHz in bands)
    Extended Band (BW~100%), 40dB Range, (160MHz - 9GHz in bands)

  High Attenuation (BW~67%), 80dB Range, (250MHz - 18GHz in Ranges)


     Wide-Band Variable Attenuators (10MHz - 20GHz in bands)
     Switched Bit Attenuators  (1 - 10GHz)