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Hybrid Couplers
- Frequencies from 10 KHz  to  18 GHz
- Narrow Bands to Multi-Octave Bands
- Low Loss, Low Phase Error
- High Directivity, High Power
- Small, Compact Packages

UMCC offers a selection of hybrid couplers of 90deg and 180deg phase. These hybrids are available from narrow bands to octave and multi decade frequencies from 10 KHz to 18 GHz. Many hybrids are available with standard connectors (SMA, BNC, N, others).

UMCC low frequency Hybrids (10 KHz to 500 MHz) are of lumped-element construction, where ferrite elements are used in hybrid circuitry.  UMCC low frequency hybrids cover mainly wide bands of two to three decades.

UMCC high frequency hybrids (0.5 to 18 GHz) are of distributed element construction.  Stripline transmission lines are etched monolithically on a Teflon base medium creating  impedance transformation and the coupling function.  UMCC high frequency hybrids are offered from one octave to multi octave bandwidths.

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