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About UMCC

UMCC is a designer and manufacturer of high performance RF/Microwave components and subsystems. Since its founding almost two decades ago, the company has established and followed a tradition of excellence supplying reliable high quality products into a wide range of industries such as wireless and satellite communications, medical science, surveillance, security, industrial automation, military/defense sector products, space exploration, aviation, biometrics, broadcasting, and similar. UMCC is a privately owned company located in Northern Virginia USA. 

Technical / Design Capabilities:
UMCC is a technically-oriented company with specialized engineering capabilities in RF/Microwave hardware design and development. Our team of engineers and technicians have years of hands-on experience in product development.  Computer aided design tools are widely applied in different stages of product-design, development, and manufacturing.

Product design starts with an engineering concept to meet a specific product specification. RF/Microwave circuitry is designed along with preliminary engineering calculations. Electrical circuitry and layout is modeled on a computer simulator. The computer model includes real-world physical parameters where tolerances, parts limitations, and manufacturing yields are accounted for. Touchstone simulator is among the software tools frequently used for analysis and optimization of such circuits by our engineers. After each circuit model is fully optimized, a circuit layout is generated along with a mechanical package to house the circuit elements such as connectors, feeds, substrate/PCB, and other parts. Mechanical package design is done with AutoCAD software. Ultimately, a preliminary test prototype is developed and tested.  Upon success of the prototype a complete set of documentation is generated. The documentation package includes parts lists, schematics, assembly drawings, CNC machining programs, manufacturing instructions, testing/tuning procedures, test data sheets, outline drawings, marking instructions, etc.

Marketing / Customer Service:
UMCC marketing is supported directly by engineers with a complete understanding of our products, associated applications, and design limitations.  Our engineers are ready to discuss any technical matter relating to products supported by UMCC. Once technical parameters are discussed and agreed upon, quotations are submitted to the customer for consideration.  UMCC is also represented by technical sales representatives covering different territories and many countries around the globe.  To find the UMCC representative closest to you, please visit our web site for current listings of UMCC distributors and representatives.

Production / Process Control:
Hardware production takes place under complete quality and process control.  Each production step from preparing the bill of materials to assembly, testing, screening, and shipping is constantly monitored to assure the consistency, quality, and performance of the products manufactured.  Individual units are serialized and fully tested for performance prior to shipment to the customer. Test data and certificates of compliance are provided to the customer at no additional cost.  Standard UMCC products are built to the best commercial grade. UMCC guarantees its products to meet and exceed many environmental extremes such as high/low temperature, altitude, vibration, and others.  All products offered by UMCC are subjected to routine steps in screening such as temperature shock cycles and 3-axis vibration testing to assure product reliability.

Warranty / Product Support:
UMCC warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship. The standard warranty is one year from date of shipment. Any component found to be defective will be repaired or replaced free of charge during this warranty period. Technical support is available from UMCC engineers and product specialists for the entire life span of each and every product. UMCC also maintains an archive of final test data taken on each unit shipped to the customer.

Here is a summery of UMCC's capabilities:

  In house  product  design & development
Fast  custom  built  prototype  development
In house  mechanical design and machining
In house  PCB  and  microwave  circuit  etching
Complete  in house  assembly  and  integration
In house  RF/Microwave  testing  and  tuning




Factory location near Washington DC



Mechanical design with AutoCAD



Drawing plot


Microwave circuit artwork


CNC machining center


Parts stock room



Assembly room


Microwave testing and tuning

Microscope assembly


Gold bonding